Follow Up Resources for CT AmeriCorps VISTAs

Below are some additional resources as a follow up to the “Using Data to Rethink, Reboot, and Scale Social Impact” workshop that we conducted for the Connecticut AmeriCorps VISTAs on February 21. We’ve also attached the additional documents from the training.

If anyone has additional questions about resources or links you can add a comment or send us a message.

Measuring Impact:

PopTech – Made to Measure: The New Science of Impact

Emerging Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations – Guide is a leader in technology and impact measurement

Beth’s Blog is a very popular resource for trends in data and measurement

Data Visualization:

Edward Tufte’s Principles of Data Visualization

15 Data Visualization Tips

Curated Content:

Nonprofit Tech Blog

Responses to Learning:

Below you will find some written responses to the learning at the workshop.

Open Responses
Impact is a domino effect; no matter how large or small the cause or issue is, it affects everyone in some way (good or bad). – Ashley Wallace
 Before Workshop: making a positive change in at least one person’s life. After: influential change on an individual person, location or on the environment. – Anonymous
 Before Workshop: When someone or something takes action and creates a large, visible affect. After: Lasting, measurable affect on something through purposeful action. – Anonymous
 Before Workshop: change brought about by action. After: measurable change(physical, psychological, emotional) brought about by action and data. – Anonymous
 After Workshop: Impact is the ability to identify an issue or goal, demonstrate progress made, and empower the target population to carry on work and progress in your absence. – Anonymous


1. The concepts and ideas discussed in this workshop were relevant to my work.

2. I will use the material from this workshop in my current AmeriCorps position.

3. I will use the material from this workshop in my future work for a social good organization.

4. Would you recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague?

Note: Numbers below correspond to the questions above.

 Strongly AgreeAgreeNeitherDisagreeStrongly DisagreeTotal #
1.7 (35%)9 (45%)4 (20%)0020
2.3 (15%)11 (55%)3 (15%)2 (10%)019
3.9 (45%)10 (50%)00019
YESNOTotal Responses
4.15 (88%)2 (12%)17

Printed Resources from Workshop

B for a Dream Impact Thinking Worksheet

Impact Thinking Worksheet

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