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What We Do

Blueprint for Impact has the expertise and is building the software to help you navigate the ever-expanding universe of nonprofit data and technology. Whether you’re using our platform or someone else’s, we will work closely with you to get the most out of your investment.

Blueprint’s concept is designed to fit a nonprofit’s budget and transforms raw data into powerful tools that maximize your social impact. Each application is built to suit your community’s unique needs, is easily accessible from any desktop or mobile device, and allows for unlimited users.

What Can Blueprint Do for You?

Imagine industry best-practices to display data about community needs and information about your programs via our online platform. What if it was interactive and easy to use? Blueprint for Impact can host it for you or give you the keys and train your staff to drive the software without any special tech skills or added cost to you. Click here to learn more.
We have a beautiful, innovative, and sustainable way to share your impact with the world. Your funders, board members, and stakeholders want to easily discover and share your success, so Blueprint has designed a search-engine friendly way to display your annual report online. Click here to learn more about how to tell your story.
You’ve probably heard that everyone is moving to the cloud. You can’t manage your programs in-house without a good database, most likely a Client Relationship Management system (CRM). The future is in services like Salesforce and cloud-based CRMs. Click here to learn how we can work together.
Blueprint for Impact has crafted a network of experts and built a library of data sources from government agencies and research institutions. Whether you’re trying to end homelessness, create job opportunities, advocate for government funding, or build a sustainable food network, we can get the data you need; quickly and affordably.  Click here to learn how what data can do for you.

Clients and Community Partners

Liberty Bank Foundation    Windham Regional Community Council   reSET, Social Enterprise Trust   Public Allies - CT   CT Benefit Corps   SI Financial Group Foundation   Greater Windham Ten year Plan to End Homelessness   Windham No Freeze Project   AmeriCorps - CT   Center for Community Engagement at Eastern CT State University

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